New Post: Parent Testimonial

This is Harley and I would like to share his journey with you.

I have been raising this young man since he’s been about 3 months old. The challenges we have overcome have been tremendous. Mostly for Harley aside from family losses Public Schooling has been a real big one for us. Trying to get consistency with all his needs to be met. The teachers and E.A.’s have done what they could with what resources they have had available. I am grateful for that. But, going into Senior year was the truest struggle of all Public Schools for him being Special Needs.

I was given the most beautiful gift of information about PIVOT POINT, a schooling educational system made that specializes with Special Needs and carries out also through the adult years for them. Teaching the kids daily life skills also on top of education. They are Professionals.
For years I was one of those kinds of parent/caregivers that felt he needed to fit in this was critical with our world.

Not seeing how critical it is for his learning to feel ‘ok/safe/not judged around others thus giving him more freedom to EXCEL and THRIVE AND PROGRESS’!
This boy did not like schoolwork before Pivot Point. Today he is holding 2 BOOKS he wrote on his very own and completed!

The changes he has done on his own with their guidance and direction is simply amazing!
Yes, we still have off days but nothing whatsoever like we have had before!
Out of the 14 years (minus 2.5 years his mother had custody) of raising this young man and all his school years, this is the first year I have ever had from 9 am -2:30 pm daily to myself with no worries!

He comes home with mostly successful days. The best part is his attitude has completely changed at home, with others, his views on life. He is simply becoming a better him if that makes any sense ❤

I have to say to anyone who has a Special Needs child or raising a Special Needs child and struggling the Public Schooling system as we did to please consider giving them the freedom to explore their highest possibility to become who they can be without judgements or holdbacks.

I had to share our success story as anyone who knows ours understands the degree of help we have required in our times and this is a true miracle and needs to be shared ⭐️

Thank you PIVOT POINT (community classes/full time) you all have given Harley the best chance to excel and become the closest to his dreams as possible and given me the room too breath again! 

Thank you !!!
Blessings too all!  

Leah Olson