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Our “Step 1: Explore Learning Centres” form is designed to get you connected with the Program Manager in your local area. Please complete this brief form so that we can reach you for a free consultation about the options you are considering for YOUR student!  This form is the starting point if…

If you have already submitted the Step 1: Explore Learning Centres form and you are ready to move forward with registering for Community Classrooms for the upcoming school year (or the spring term). OR if you are RE-REGISTERING your student for another year in our Community Classroom, please click the appropriate Step 2 Form: “First Time Registration” or “Re-Registration. It will explain many aspects of our services and how we manage your information, and let you consent to these services as part of your registration. 

To meet with us to talk about services that are NOT educational, please request a meeting HERE

“My son is loving the Community Classroom. I am excited to tell you that he has started reading! This has been a struggle for him, so this is huge. He wants to go to class each day. This is big too. I say “it’s bed time, you have school” and he says “OK mom!” He is learning lots and is excited to share what he is learning when he comes home!”
L & C
“I am impressed by the compassion and hard work all the Pivot Point Instructors put into the parents and students under their charge, as well as the creative strategies they use for each unique situation. Pivot Point has done an amazing job of moving the students online”
Online Learning School Teacher
My son was finally diagnosed with Asperger’s at the age of 16 years old. I did not know what to do first, I had a lot of paperwork to fill out and many questions to answer. Luckily I found Pivot Point. They helped me to fill out all the important papers, helped me and my son to make a plan of what supports were needed and available. He received great social and school support from the team. Thanks to Pivot Point he graduated high school, something we were unsure if this would be possible. The transition to adult hood is in the works and also my son received important counselling.