Pivot Point’s Community Classrooms offer a blended learning environment customized to meet each student’s needs. As an alternative to large bricks and mortar public or private schools, and homeschooling, our uniquely small class sizes create a safe and effective Learning Centre for students throughout the year, while following Ministry of Education curriculum and Individualized Education Plans. We look forward to sharing this important service with families in Victoria for the 2022/2023 school year!


#218 – 3930 Shelbourne Street, Saanich



We anticipate that the majority of our students for this fall,  will be between the ages of 6 to 16 years old. Our classrooms are tailored to the emotional, behavioural and learning needs of those students as a group. By following their pace, we keep the learning environment dynamic, motivating and fun! This is why our students are thriving and excited to come to class everyday! Click REGISTER NOW above if you would like more information!


Our team team of instructors and Educational Behaviour Interventionist is growing quickly! … as is our team of  Behaviour Consultants and Counsellors, all eager to create a comfortable and consistent learning environment for the students of Victoria. With the support, resources and direction from the Learning Support Teachers from our local partnered Online Learning Schools, our staff are able to effectively plan and help each student to grow and develop at their own speed and performance level.