Meet Our Qualified Teachers


William Barnett


His passion is kids and their qualified education. He is a member of the New School Association and takes part in international conferences in the field of education.



English Teacher

Lily works in Cleveries since 2010. She uses unique methods for teaching English and planting a love for learning it to kids. She is active and creative.



Math Teacher

James makes the process of learning Math easy and effective. He uses a method of associations. He is a member of the London Math Teachers Association.

Elizabeth Clough


Elizabeth support kids’ psychological and mental states. She is a perfect couch and has professional experience in work with kids.

Joshua Jordan

Art & Music Teacher

Joshua likes music and modern art. He graduated High Art School and completed his Postgraduate Certificate in Berlin in 2011. He organizes for kids excursions in museums.

Mila Hullett

Spanish Teacher

Mila is a native Spanish speaker. She graduated High Language School in Barcelona. She uses video and audio devices on her lessons, sings songs with kids.

Juditt Lind

English Teacher

Juditt is always looking for new approaches in teaching and engaging pupils. She provides her lessons with funny games and new activities.



Lionel is our assistant, who helps teachers in organizing lessons and arranges kids’ free time after school. She takes kids to the zoo, museums, for a picnic.

Marco Datella

Math Teacher

Marco has a BA Honours degree in Primary Education from the University of Liverpool. He is a Math subject leader in our school. His lessons are interesting and creative.