Prince George

Our Prince George site started in early 2019 at our NIBIS centre. Since then,  we have moved into a newer, larger and more centrally located space where we are better able to support the demand for this highly individualized small-class, full-day learning centre experience. Our community is eager to see us  expand this meaningful alternative for students throughout Prince George: We are ready!


825 Vancouver Street, Prince George BC, V2L 2P4

Our two-floor office converted house creates an ideal location for our primary and intermediate level student pods!  


For this fall of 2021, we have two groups of learners emerging within the Prince George Classroom: One ages 6 through 9, and the other 12 to 15. They are a friendly and caring group of students who enjoy frequent movement breaks, as well as taking their learning outside where direct observation and interaction is more meaningful! 

One of our students has a therapy dog that attends class with him. He is also the student who wanted to sit alone most of the time, until one day he decided to join his peers in the pod table setting! Our community classrooms throughout the province are so inspiring!


It’s been a joy watching our Lead Instructor succeed in her role and seeing all of her students doing SO well. Our instructors are starting to prepare for fall 2021 already, as our behavioural teams and mental health staff collaborate to turn our site into a hub for positive growth for the families of Prince George and beyond!