Our Nelson location is located at Nelson Christian School. Our classroom embodies a holistic approach and ensures that the heads, hands and hearts of our learners are nurtured and supported.  Our flexible learning approach allows us to adapt to the needs of our students and engage them in learning. We actively look for opportunities to strengthen social and community connections for our students. Contact us today to explore our learning centre!


810 10th St, Nelson, BC

We are happy to be welcoming our students back to our Community Classroom in Nelson, located at Nelson Christian School for fall 2022!


We have been supporting a small group of learners in 1-1 services for the past few years but are excited to move towards grouping our learners together. We anticipate a core group of students between the ages of 8 to 14, where there will be opportunities to work on independent studies and also opportunities to come together for whole group lessons.


We have been fortunate to have strong, experienced, and dedicated instructors who follow individualized curriculum for each student, while creating a sense of community for our students and families. With support from our Counsellors, Behaviour Consultants Educational Consultants, and Special education distributed learning teachers our students and families are shining and looking forward to another strong and successful year!