Our Mission site has evolved substantially since it’s beginning just a few years ago! Before coming to us, some of our students experienced frustration-driven behaviour that led to drastically reduced school days; now they’re all attending full-time! 

Feedback from our families has been very positive as well, as the lessons learned in our classrooms are not just about academics like reading, math and spelling, but they are also focused on creating positive change in the home environment and relationships too. 

Our residential-style space invites a wealth of indoor and outdoor activities, whether it is a messy art project, a cooking program or perhaps some hands-on building, this location has the ability to adapt to anything our classroom instructors can imagine.


32409 Diamond Avenue, Mission, BC

Our Mission site is in a full-sized home, so there is a full kitchen, as well as several comfy, quiet rooms and spaces where students can learn to self-regulate, away from the main group.


Our students typically range in age from 6 through 18, and are a fun-loving group that likes to learn and grow together. Students are given short, meaningful lessons, paired with highly motivating reinforcement to help them engage within the classroom setting, building success for the future. This is a challenge-by-choice environment, where one bad day does not set the tone. We can’t wait to share another year with our community, and we invite you to reach out to us for a tour, or a conversation to learn more! It isn’t too late to secure a space for your child.


Our Lead Instructor and Educational BIs are well versed in classroom instruction as well as behavioural strategies for children with neurodiversities and other challenges that might prevent them from attending school full-time.