Our Educational Services





* Please note that most of our services can be accessed ONLINE, as well as in-person either at your home, in one of our offices, or within your local community.

College Access Assistance

Introducing, a funded service you probably don't know about!

Pivot Point offers support services for older teens and adult students requiring assistance as they work towards their post secondary education. Our staff are trained and equipped to help remove educational and environmental barriers for students with Diverse Abilities. Through daily or weekly support on College or University

We believe in full inclusion, and we work hard behind the scenes to help that naturally emerge in the lives of the teens and adult students we support!

Our staff can:

  • Act as a liaison between the College or University’s students, employees, and faculty to provide students with a smooth transition into post­-secondary academic life,
  • Assist the student with orientation to the campus,
  • Liaise with student and academic advisors in developing an educational path surrounding the student’s’ areas of interest and focus,
  • Assist with feeding, toileting, mobility, etc. as needed,
  • Attend classes with the student(s) when requested to provide note taking, lab support, and/or to assist with organizing course work and study materials,
  • Meet with faculty to promote inclusion of students in the classroom, and help to identify student needs/strategies for success,
  • Assist the student with interactions with other students, and participation in class,
  • Set up and assist with the use of adaptive equipment when needed,
  • Provide daily or weekly support with direct homework, studying, test preparation as well as review of assignments for completion and submission,
  • Help to prepare for tests and assignments, develop study guides, review questions and project outlines,
  • Ensure safety of the student before, during and after class,
  • Safeguard student property
  • Assist students in accessing appropriate College or University resources (such as Financial Aid, Library, transportation services, and various student social groups).

Colleges and universities provide varying amounts of funding and/or grants that can assist with the costs of these services. Please check with Student Services at your local school. Similarly, CLBC funded services may also be applied towards these same results.