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Our Cranbrook Community Classroom is located in a beautiful multi-use heritage school building. The social emotional health of our students is interwoven with educational objectives to ensure that each and every student receives the support that they need to be successful. We believe that creating a person-centered learning environment where children feel safe and nurtured is key to everyone’s success.  Contact us today to explore our learning centre!


308 10th Ave South, Cranbrook, BC

Our Cranbrook location provides several areas that can be used as quiet working spaces so that we can focus on providing a well rounded academic, social and emotional educational experience. Centrally located, we are able to actively engage our students in a variety of meaningful community activities.


Our large classroom space is able to accommodate a group of multi-aged learners. We currently utilize two large classroom spaces; one for our younger students from Kindergarten to Grade 5 and the other for our older students in Grades 6-12. We anticipate a core group of students between ages 7-12 but have the flexibility and knowledge to integrate learners outside of that age range. Independent of their age, our lead instructor Amber Singh will meet each diverse learner where they are at and create a learning experience tailored to their needs.


We have been fortunate to have strong, experienced, and dedicated instructors in Cranbrook and are pleased to share that our lead instructor Amber Singh and both Ed Bi’s Kylie and Ben will all be returning for the 2023-2024 school year. 

Our staff and students in Cranbrook are having an amazing year learning, volunteering in the community, developing life skills and building lasting friendships. We work alongside our Counselors, Behaviour Consultants, Educational Consultants, and Special Education Online Learning Teachers. Our students and families are shining and looking forward to another strong and successful year!

Cranbrook Classroom
Cranbrook Classroom