Our Cranbrook site is new and developing as we recently moved into an old heritage school building. The social emotional health of our students is interwoven with educational objectives to ensure that each and every student receives the support that they need to be successful. We believe that creating a person-centered learning environment where children feel safe and nurtured is key to everyone’s success.  Contact us today to explore our learning centre!


308 10th Ave South, Cranbrook, BC

Our Cranbrook location provides several areas that can be used as quiet working spaces so that we can focus on providing a well rounded academic, social and emotional educational experience. Centrally located, we are able to actively engage our students in a variety of meaningful community activities.


Our large classroom space is able to accommodate a group of multi-aged learners. We anticipate a core group of students between ages 7-12 but have the flexibility and knowledge to integrate learners outside of that age range. Independent of their age, our lead instructor will meet each diverse learner where they are at and create a learning experience tailored to their needs.


We are actively seeking the right candidate to join our learners for fall 2021. We take the care and time to ensure that we find a skilled and experienced instructor who is passionate about making a difference in the lives of our students. Applications may be submitted HERE.