Pivot Point’s Cloverdale Community Classrooms offer a blended learning environment customized to meet each student’s needs. Offering a quaint alternative to large bricks and mortar public or private schools, and homeschooling, our uniquely small class sizes create a safe and effective Learning Centre for students throughout the year, while following Ministry of Education curriculum and Individualized Education Plans.


17564 56a Ave, Surrey, BC

Our Cloverdale Community Classroom is uniquely situated in the downtown walking core of Cloverdale providing access to many amenities including coffee shops, small green spaces, the museum and the aquatics center.  While we do not have an outdoor play area, our outings are filled with life-skills adventures such as learning to make small purchases, visiting local craft stores, visiting the local bakery and urban adventures. 

Classroom Tour Video Coming Soon!


Our Cloverdale class is focussed on serving students age 6 through 14, with the ability to accommodate students through the completion of grade 12. Like all Pivot Point programs and groups, we support students in very individual needs and tailor their daily activities focussing on their individual areas of interest.  This year, we were a classroom of four girls so there was a lot of pink and purple in our world, but we look forward to adding more diversity to our classroom for fall.


We have been fortunate to have strong, experienced, and dedicated instructors who follow individualized curriculum for each student, while creating a sense of community for our students and families. 

Miss Shania Dular is currently our Lead Instructor; Shania’s life-long dream has been to be a teacher and she loves to interact with students on a daily basis.  Her greatest reward is being able to leave the classroom knowing that she has helped individuals learn something new.  

With support from our Counsellors, Behaviour Consultants Educational Consultants, and Special education Online Learning Teachers our students and families are shining and looking forward to another strong and successful year!