Chilliwack has two Community Classrooms each of which provides numerous work areas for individual and group learning as well as access to outdoor areas for walks, play, and exploration.

Our Vedder location caters to upper middle/high school age students, and our Kipp location is focussed on elementary and lower middle school students. Each site has been developed with the age, academic and social/emotional needs of the students attending.

Our instructors support social, emotional, and academic development for each student based on their individual level from grades K through 12.

2 Locations

45875 Kipp Ave & 6565 Vedder Road, Chilliwack BC.

Both locations are centrally located in Chilliwack making it easy for field trips and community access to local parks, businesses, and other learning resources.

Classroom Tour
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All of our students will be returning for another dynamic school year in September 2023. Approximately half of our students will be working on primary curriculum, with the rest working on intermediate and high school level curriculum. We are very capable and happy to support students in our classrooms to work with us right through the completion of grade 12.

One of the advantages of having multi-aged groupings is that we create some of our best experiences by pairing our older students with our younger students. This allows for an educational mentorship to develop which facilitates both social development and communication skills on top of the academic learning allowing both students to flourish!

Although seats are limited, it’s not too late to secure one for YOUR student for this fall! Simply reach out through the red button above and we’ll set up a personal consultation for you.

Smiles are plentiful at each location as staff and students alike experience education in a safe, supportive and fun environment.


Each of our fabulous classroom teams consist of an outstanding lead instructor, and amazing educational behaviour interventionists. Each experienced staffing team works in collaboration with Behaviour Consultants and Counselors to create a comfortable, enriching and consistent learning environment for each child. With the support, resources, curriculum, and specialized IEPs, led by the Special Education Online Learning Teachers, we are able to effectively plan for each student to grow and develop at their own speed and performance level.