Our Abbotsford Community Classroom has been turned into an amazing learning space with the comforts of home! This multi-roomed, multi-purpose classroom offers a lot of options for our students as they work 1-1 or in small groups on academics, life skills and social skills.  Book an appointment with our local Regional Manager and come have a look!


31987 Austin Ave, Abbotsford, BC

This commercially zoned sturdy home and property makes an ideal starting point for our community outings….


Our class profile for fall 2023 includes many of our students from the past few years. This is an active and social mix of students ages 7 through 18 years who enjoy dynamic social interactions, creative and expressive learning opportunities and community outings. As always, our strong focus on emotional, social and academic needs within our carefully guided and flexible small classrooms creates the perfect space for students who thrive on a lot of individual attention and the freedom to grow at their own pace. Our students love the ability to learn some daily living skills such as budgeting and cooking meals in our space.

Our class has space for approximately 3 or 4 more students who are a good fit for our profile.


We have been fortunate to have strong, experienced, and dedicated instructors who follow individualized curriculum for each student, while creating a sense of community for our students and families. With support from our Counsellors, Behaviour Consultants Educational Consultants, and Special education Online Learning Teachers our students and families are shining and looking forward to another strong and successful year!